Annual cycle of Gray Vireos (Vireo vicinior)



S. E. Fischer is currently a graduate student in Dr. Henry Streby's lab in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Toledo. They are interested in the intersection of art and science, and specifically avian ecology. Some of their research interests broadly include studying songbird ecology and management, in particular migration and the full annual cycle of little-studied species, and how research-based art can engage the public in wildlife conservation.

S. E. is currently studying migration, post-fledging ecology, and habitat associations of Gray Vireos in New Mexico and Utah. Their next project will focus on rangewide migration of Louisiana Waterthrush and Worm-eating Warbler.

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Stevens, H.C., and S.E. Fischer. 2018. Novel nest construction behavior in Gray Vireos. In press. Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Fischer, S.E., and K. Islam. Bird-window collisions on the Ball State University campus peak during migration. In revision. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science.


THANKS to my outstanding field technicians over the past few years for help with my Gray Vireo work: Henry Stevens, Claire Nemes, Deven Kammerichs-Berke, Aya Pickett, and Edward Landi.